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ITIL Service Design (SD)

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The ITIL® Service Design (SD) Intermediate qualification forms part of the Lifecycle series of Intermediate certification modules, which can be taken as stand-alone qualifications or with a view to gaining sufficient credits towards the ITIL® Service Management Expert qualification. It will give candidates a deep level of understanding of Service Design processes and roles. 

The purpose of the service design stage of the lifecycle is to design IT services, together with the governing IT practices, processes and policies, to realize the service provider’s strategy and to facilitate the introduction of these services into supported environments ensuring quality service delivery, customer satisfaction and cost-effective service provision.

The objective of service design is to design IT services so effectively that minimal improvement during their lifecycle will be required. However, continual improvement should be embedded in all service design activities to ensure that the solutions and designs become even more effective over time, and to identify changing trends in the business that may offer improvement opportunities. Service
design activities can be periodic or exception-based when they may be triggered by a specific business need or event.

ITIL Service Design provides guidance for the design of appropriate and innovative IT services to meet current and future agreed business requirements. It describes the principles of service design and looks at identifying, defining and aligning the IT solution
with the business requirement. It also introduces the concept of the service design package and looks at selecting the appropriate service design model.

ITIL® Service Design provides access to proven best practice based on the skill and knowledge of experienced industry practitioners in adopting a standardized and controlled approach to service management.

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