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BCS Oral Exam Preparation

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The BCS Business Analysis Diploma is awarded following the successful completion of 2 core modules, a knowledge-based specialism, a practitioner specialism and an oral exam. Exemptions are available for candidates with the IIBA CBAP but not for academic qualifications.

The oral will test the communication abilities of the candidate, their ability to apply knowledge to their own, or simulated, work environment.

The oral will last for 45 minutes to an hour and will involve two examiners. It is recommended by the BCS that candidates take the oral examination within six months of completing the set of written examinations but we recommend that students should apply as soon as they have passed their last exam.

The oral practice day is to give candidates the chance to get used to answering questions that are designed to show their practical understanding of the theory that they have learnt during the training courses. Candidates are not expected to show their thorough knowledge of every facet of the courses.

Before taking the test candidates complete a form that shows their history of working in Business Analysis. We will help you complete the form. This form is partially used as a basis for the questions candidates will be asked by the examiners.

We will also go through the marking scheme with you so that you have a clearer idea of what to expect in the oral.

These three processes should highlight any weaknesses that candidates have in time to do something about them before the exam

Who should attend?

Professionals who want to take the oral exam and have obtained the 4 modules required by the BCS to qualify for the BCS Business Analysis Diploma.